Weight Loss Camp UK.
Weight Loss Camp & Fit/ Fat Camp As Featured On The BBC*
UK Weight Loss Retreat With A Detailed After Care Programme*

UK's Leading Weight Loss Fat Camp and Park Fitness Camps Backed By An Award Winning After Care Programme.

FitFarms Fitness Boot Camp.

FitFarms The UK s Weight Loss Camp and Fitness Camp Retreat

Women only and Mixed weight loss camps in Somerset, Derbyshire and Dorset.

The FitFarms residential weight loss camp creates a controlled and structured retreat environment guaranteeing weight loss and a lifestyle change. FitFarms opened in 2006 and is often described as the UK's version of the American Fat Camp but with a more nurturing environment and a much more subtle name to the Fat Camp style companies.

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FitFarms Online Fitness Camp.

UK Weight Loss Retreat Programme To Follow At Home

FitFarms@Home is an online fat loss and fitness camp programme. Originally set up to support guest that have attended FitFarms the residential weight loss retreat but now open to everyone who wants to lose weight, tone up and lead a healthier lifestyle. The online fat loss and fitness camp programme gives you fitness classes from the weight loss fat camp, cookery classes, weight management tools and you will even be tracked and motivated by a FitFarms fat loss and fitness camp mentor.

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FitParks Fitness Camp in a Park.

UK Fat Loss and Fitness Camp Park Training Programme

The Fat loss and Fitness Camp park training programme is easy to join and in a park near you.

The UK's leading Weight Loss and Fitness Camp exercises can now be experienced in parks all over the UK and Ireland. Enrol at your local park today and take part in the one hour fat loss and fitness sessions. The FitParks programmes offers effective and sustainable weight loss results through a balanced nutrition programme and exercise training sessions.

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