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About Us
The 3 weight loss camp companies have now been running for almost 3 years. FitFarms was the first and was shortly followed by FitParks and FitJuniors.

We firmly believe that weight loss and fitness has three key areas exercise, nutrition and behavior change. If you attend one of our residential programmes or spend one hour with us at FitParks exercising in your local park you'll soon realise that we are committed to your long term health and weight loss goals.

Recently FitFarms the 7 day residential programme was voted the number 1 camp by the Sunday Times and has also featured on the BBC.

FitJuniors will be expanding next year and opening another lifestyle camp in Devon. Julie Brealy the health manager of FitFarms will be setting up the new site and we'll be opening in the school summer holidays.

FitParks is the fastest growing of the three companies opening up in Manchester and Birmingham. We are coming to all the major parks in London before we head down to the westcountry cities.

If you would like to learn how to make a long term  commitment to healthy living then one of our weight loss and fitness camps is for you.